Not So Bucket List


1. Create a business plan
2. Register my business
3. Sell 50 items in my Etsy shop
4. Finish About Me page for the shop - done 08/02/13 - post

4.  Create a knitting pattern for the shop
5. Create a sewing pattern for the shop
6. Create a cross stitch pattern for the shop
7.  Have 100 items listed in the shop


1. Get a passport
2. Go somewhere (more later)


1. Pay off my credit card balance
2. Pay off my student loan
3. Save up for a new couch


1. Get my Drivers license- G1 and G2
2.  Finish my Bachelor of Social Work degree
3.  Read 10 more books in 2013 from the BBC Big Reads List (progress here)


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